Please note we have made this FAQ section as short as possible. If you have any further questions, you can contact us directly at

What is a viewer account?

Creating a viewer account is simple and easy to setup and allows the viewer to add companion profiles to their favorites. A viewer can also message with companions or pay for photo or video content offered only to pay subscribers with one-time payment options.

Does it cost any money to use Satin Whispers?

There is no cost to view the site. The only cost is if you decide to pay companions for text messaging, private photo or video content which can be purchased using a load token method using various secure third-party billing companies which Satin Whispers has partnered with.

Do I need an account to use Satin Whispers?

No. You are not required to have an account to use our site. You can even save companions in your favorites using a randomly created token which you can save and keep for later when you want to return to our site to see the companions you have saved.

Does Satin Whispers require or store any of my personal information?

We do not store any personal information for viewers who want to simply view companion profiles or even create a personal free account. If you decide as a viewer to purchase tokens towards messaging companions or purchasing subscriptions or video or photo content offered by our companions, we do not store any personal information. Any personal information about your credit card or other personal information is only collected by our third-party billing providers and not by us.

What is the “Saved Companions” section mean?

“Saving” companions allows you to find any companions which you have selected and saved. Next time you visit our site you can easily find any of the companions that you wish to see which you have saved in the past.

Are all profiles on Satin Whispers Verified?

YES! Unlike many other escort directories, Satin Whispers ONLY publishes escort profiles which are verified by our team. We check companion IDS and uploaded profile images to match the companion and provide as best we can a 100% guaranteed verified photo escort directory. If any profiles are found to be misleading or non-authentic, we will immediately remove them. Please let also know if you find any profiles which are not 100% accurate.

What does Touring mean?

“Touring” means that the companion is not currently in the home city or country in which they normally work in. The companion could be touring for a short period of time and will show their “booking schedule” calendar where they will be located and when they will be back working in their home city or country.

How does the search and map functions work on Satin Whispers?

The searching filters allows you easily find which companion you want to find. We use predictive searching algorithms so when you start typing in a name of a companion or city it will start the searching and provide you suggestions of the best match for your search. You can also search using the global and city/state mapping functions to easily find where companions are located and if they are available for booking at the moment or for a specific time period.

What is does mean to become a VIP user?

Becoming a VIP user means you get access to private photo and video content as provided by that companion or photo or video content which is protected as membership business model. VIP users can purchase content also at a discounted rate which may include photo and video messaging with a companion.

What does “available” mean?

“Available” means that right at the moment, they are available for a booking.